The technology behind taking pictures of the universe

Since the beginning of mankind, scientists and astronomers have always strived to understand the universe. This is now possible with the advanced technology that makes it possible to obtain fascinating pictures of space. Here is an overview of the technology used to take pictures of the Universe.


  • Telescopes
  • Lenses and mirrors
  • Cameras
  • Filters and sunshades
  • Digital image processing (DTP)
  • Conclusion


Telescopes are the most widely used instruments in astronomy. They collect light from celestial objects and focus it on a focal point. Telescopes can be very simple or very complex, depending on the type of object they are meant to observe.

Lenses and mirrors

Lenses and mirrors, which can be mounted on a telescope, are also essential to improve the quality of the images collected by the telescope. Lenses are used to correct optical aberrations and to improve the contrast of images. Mirrors allow astronomers to see objects hidden behind other celestial objects.


A camera, attached to the telescope, is needed to capture the images received by the telescope. Cameras are usually specially designed for specific tasks, such as taking high resolution shots or capturing color images.

Filters and sunshades

Filters and lens hoods, which can be installed on a camera, are used to protect the sensitive sensors from excessive light. They also allow astronomers to filter out certain colors or wavelengths to improve the quality of the image.

Digital image processing (DTP)

Once an image has been captured by a camera attached to a telescope, it still needs to be digitally processed before being displayed to scientists or amateur astronomers. Digital image processing (DTP), including cropping, adjusting contrast and brightness, and adding visual effects, can be done with various specialized software.


Thanks to constant technological advances, taking pictures of the universe is now easier than ever. Observers don’t need to be astronomy experts to take stunning pictures; they just need to understand how to properly use a telescope, a camera and the appropriate DTP software.

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