Les différents types d’images de l’Univers

The Universe offers a fascinating array of images, from distant galaxies to objects near us. In this article, we will explore the different types of images that can be observed in space and what each can tell us.


  • Introduction
  • Visual images
  • Infrared images
  • X-ray images
  • Gamma images
  • Conclusion


Images from space are fascinating and reveal information about the structure and evolution of our universe. These images can be taken from ground-based or space-based telescopes, and they are usually taken in different wavelengths, such as visible, infrared, and X-ray. Each type of wavelength offers unique information about what is happening in space.

Visual images

Visual, or optical, images are the most common. They are usually captured through a telescope using a filter that allows only visible light to pass through. These images show the true color of the night sky and the stars, galaxies and other celestial objects.

Infrared Images

Infrared images, also obtained with a telescope, provide an image invisible to the human eye. Infrared waves reveal information about the dust clouds that surround some stars and galaxies. This allows astronomers to better understand the process by which stars and other celestial bodies are formed.

X Ray images

X-rays are much more powerful than other wave forms. They are generated by very hot objects such as black holes or neutron stars. These images reveal information about the physics of these extreme objects.

Gamma Imagises

Gamma-ray images, like X-rays, are produced by very hot objects such as supermassive black holes or relativistic jets. Gamma-ray images reveal even more details about the physics of these extreme objects and can help to better understand their functioning.


n this short article, we have explored some of the different types of images that can be observed in space. Each offering its own unique perspective on what is happening in our fascinating Universe.

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